Basic Operation Method of GXT NFT

  1. Smart contract application or WEB sends a request to generate meta information of Gem

  2. Sending Gem contract certificate through GXT NFT Method API

  3. Information verification through Gem contract code execution

  4. Receiving GEM information from smart contract application to user

GXT NFT is particularly useful for tracing tangible assets provided in the supply network of high-priced assets, such as gemstones, expensive products, and art products. Original place, verification, inspection, and transaction process of products can be traced in blockchain since users’ assets are tokenized by GXT NFT function elements. It has the advantage of being able to restrict and administrate counterfeits by specifying them, based on effective quality administration and reliability/non-rigidity. Business is possible by using the smart contract in the global jewelry market, and through utilizing the GXT NFT contract, the origin of the payment system, purchase, transfer, etc. can be recorded and the standard back-end system can be interconnected as well. Furthermore, back-end system updates can proceed through the transparent and fully integrated GXT NFT plan, and technical implementation, jewelry verification, and payment can be processed automatically. Incineration is also possible after a certain period or process.

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